Binary Boom Review

Binary Boom is a product that has a “stick” as a mascot, and while this may surprise you, watching the video we’ll link to you shortly is more than enough to understand the powerful of that wooden object.


binaryboomIf this piqued your interest, then continue reading this Binary Boom review.


You’re not getting rich overnight:

First of all, we have to get this out of the way by telling you that you won’t get rich over night with this program. No matter how accurate the trades are, one doesn’t simply press a few buttons and get rich, and the sooner you understand this the better of you will be.

Granted you’ll get your profits, but these earnings and profits relate to the amount you have to invest, and let’s not forget the software needs to find how really sure-shot trades and those don’t happen on demand.

Having said that, know you’ll profit and start paving your way down to riches.


Not a Scam: And this is refreshing!

Now, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, as we discussed above – but it is an honest program, from an honest developer and it works in an ethical way.

This means that the program isn’t a scam (we looked into it with suspicion at first). This is pretty refreshing, because the binary market is full of “courses” and “gurus” who are full of empty promises and scammy products that only serve their purposes.


True Earning Potential:

Finally, the earning potential is there, and it all depends on how much you’re willing to invest. The trading records are spotless and while some losses are to be expected, the program is pretty profitable in the long run, so you’ll earn accordingly to what you invest, which is something we would already expect since trading binary options is an investment opportunity.

Avoid being greedy – don’t forget the golden rule is to invest only what you can afford to lose, even if you aren’t losing it.


Earn while Learning:

Finally, if you’re new in the binary trading industry, consider this program your paid scholarship since you will be learning on how to detect profitability patterns and how to measure the market while getting those evading winning trades.

This ensures you’ll be getting paid even as you learn!


This is an incredibly powerful product that is not only rock solid but ethical and honest as well – and in the binary trading market this is a rare concept indeed.




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76 thoughts on “Binary Boom Review

  1. We know that binary options trading is not so easy that we think.Let me share my some personal experience with you.I have used many softwares in my trading life and lost lot of my hard earned money in no time using fake trading software. You will find lot of fake automated trading software reviews on the web to trade binary options trading, and most reviews are fake (believe it or not). But in my opinion, Pro binary robot( ) might not be scam as This software and platform are verified and licensed from The CySEC. This is really the wet dream of every trader: to follow a truly verified service! This, of course, removes all doubt & suspicion that might exist with the service.

  2. daniel thanks for your review we are thinking of going ahead with bb and we appreciate your review thanks again

  3. DO NOT download this software. I downloaded and installed the software, thinking I’d give it a look. Now my browser is infected with something I am as of yet unable to detect and remove. A tab opens at random and loads their website, and links on other websites I visit are hijacked and changed to point to their site. I can speak to the validity of the claims made by the author of the software, but I can tell you that I would not use the advise of anyone using these tactics for self promotion to invest my hard earned money. End user beware.

  4. I did a small video proof:

    I made this video unlisted – Only people knowing the link can watch it. I don’t want that everyone to see my name on it.

    With first version i made around $200 in around 2 hours. With this latest stable version I made $6800 So please be sure to download latest version.

    If you already downloaded the previews version – Uninstall it and Install the new version from here:

  5. @Fred just uninstall Network Bridge Update Protocol. You have the option to not install it when installing main software.

    How about your earnings? This is the real point.

  6. I tried to use it, but apparently you cannot use it with any broker. Before using it you must register with THEIR brokers AND fund your account – this sounds suspicious.
    Plus, I already have active account with 2 brokers, I cannot afford to fund another ones, no matter how much they promise me – there’s just no more liquidity to invest in others.

  7. hello daniel, thanks for your review but there are many negative reviews about binary boom and i have already lost my 250$ with binary trading, if you can provide your contact info or can mail me on my email ***removed*** i will be very grateful

  8. @Daniel I am working hard to figure out what malware the software has installed on my computer and/or browser, as none of the scans I have run on my computer have been able to detect anything. After installing and noticing the infection, I immediately removed from my system. As I stated, I would not trust my money to a company that would infect users systems. Very shady practice.

  9. Thank you Daniel for the review. You made me download this. The only thing that have changed in this version is accuracy. I am winning 80% of sales but I use only 10$ per trade. Is there any risk trading higher amounts? I believe that I will lose if I trade higher amounts. Tell me please.

    @Fred is a simple toolbar – You get this kind of software even when installing Skype or Google Chrome.

  10. quote from another review site: ‘Fully functional 30-day trial period’ so I’m guessing it’ll be on a subscription going forward(?). Denis also spoke about brokers and their, different, business models; brokers and actually withdrawing from your account would appear to be the main stumbling block with binary options ~ What has your experience been please with binboom’s partner brokers? Thanks, Graham.

    1. It is lifetime full version. No trial. You have to be sure for this. I have around 9k in my broker account but to say the truth never tried to withdraw them. I have a 10.000$ goal. Will let you know tonight or tomorrow morning.

  11. I’m thinking hard about singing up to Binary Boom. I’m hearing the pros and cons. I like to hear a little more before signing up. I’m wondering which broker between the 2 is better or are they basically the same? Any help would be appreciated.

  12. Daniel, pls what is the process of installing this software. Must I use a particular broker? Which one? Pls help me with useful information. Thanks.

    1. The process of installing Binary Boom is very simple. Download the file and install it. (be sure to download latest version from here) Remember the login email and password. You will see a list of brokers and choose one of them. I went with No1Options but this doesn’t really matter.

  13. you will get no help from recomendated broker citrades or optionow to many wins from binboom
    citrades states no clients from the U.S.A. but they do No trading until all documents are in and verified
    citrades has a toll free number to the U.S.A. trading will not start for a week
    looking for a list of recommended brokers donald

  14. I have blown over USD $1500 on binary trading. The key to knowing if they are any good is their withdrawal process. Binary Boom threw me Ivory Option. They are located in Gilbraltar. If I want to withdraw any funds, they can only be the amount I have deposited. In this case,as I am cuatious, I will deposit the minimum, USD$250. Then there is the time aspect. It will take 9-10 days for the USD $250 to get to my credit card. And only one transaction at a time. I went to ***** They are instantaneous, and are located in London. What are others experience?

  15. Hello
    I opened account and founded this broker, but never receive any Software.No contact adress to Denis , answer on automated mails not answered or not read by them.Has anyone an idea what to do?

  16. I am in TOTAL agreement with Fred!! And my computer is infected also!!! And like Fred, I cannot remove it… YET! Tabs emails from my normal sites get redirected to that “stupid stick”! Daniel, If you are really trying to be helpful, then help us remove this TRASH!!!

    1. I have been asked by someone else for this. The toolbar name is Network Virtual Bridge and Network Virtual Bridge Update Protocol. Just remove them from Add Remove Programs. Binary Boom works the same without them. I did the same thing and nothing changed.

  17. Hi Daniel, one thing, the performance proof trades that are supposed to be real time on the BB website all appear to be delayed by one minute ( no I’m not talking about the 20 second delay to reveal direction of trade )

    Was about to sign up through you when I noticed the above, any explanation?

  18. Hi Deniel

    what is the procedure that you are trading exactly? suppose they are providing the signal Short Term that showing 10 minutes and short trade maximum i can take 300 sec so i win 26 out of 35 can you tell me what is the right way ? and also tell me please if i go by their software and place a trade the trade placing on the time for 60 sec on this way i am loosing only. Thanks for your honest reviews

  19. I am getting this message “error code 12902” every time i try and Trade so it wont let me, i uninstalled and installed the software again but still having the same problem, contacted support but no answer for over 24hrs any idears

  20. Latest Binary Boom review shows that it is a clever program that provides you with a live feed on 700-760 signals per day.

    The Binary Boom software concentrates on the six most active pairs of currency traded,” reports Stevenson. “The creators behind the scene are all trading experts. The Binary Boom program is all about creating a community of traders.The more people trade with the software, the more accurate and powerful becomes the information provided to all.

  21. Daniel,

    Are u getting the same trsde what they r showing on their website as live trades ? & what is successful trades % on autobot ?

  22. By watching the horribly way too long and boring BinaryBoom video which gives no real facts about binary options, I am under the impression the software trades automatically like an Expert Advisor trades true Forex. However, after reading some additional info elsewhere, it seems the BinaryBoom software only tells us humans when and in what direction to place a trade. So which is it? Do we have to sit in front of a computer and watch for possible trades to place every minute or does the software do it automatically? And if automatically, can this be used on a VPS and thereby have the Holy Grail of a true Money Machine? And even if it does generate profits, can we ever withdraw money from our account? If not, what good does it do? I have read many stories of people not being able to get their money from their broker, Citrades in particular. Is there an honest broker and if so which one? They all seem to be unregulated and out of the USA probably because they are all ripoffs. If we cannot retrieve our profits, there is no point to any of this. Can you or anyone give some accurate and truthful advice? Thanks

  23. Hi,
    I am trying to figure out where I can sign up to this thing. I searched the URL and the download page, but couldn’t find the sign up form!
    Also, after downloading the software, the only thing I’m getting is a red screen with a robot on it.
    Can anybody help please?

  24. I signed up with Interactive options. I lost five out of six trades. Could this be that Interactive Options does not have a 60 secs. trading period. Should I try another broker. Who has tried the pro version? Can anyone give me an update on that version?

  25. For everyone thinking that you can’t withdraw your money. I just got $11.000 from No1Options.
    They asking for:

    1. Proof of Identity: Color copy of a valid passport or any other official photo ID issued by authorities such as driver’s license or national ID. The ID must contain your full name, date of birth and an expiration date.

    2. Proof of Address: Copy of a valid recent utility bill or bank statement up to 3 months old (Gas/Electricity/Municipal taxes, etc…) .

    3. Proof of Deposit (only for debit/credit card deposits): Color copy of the front and the back of the card you have used for the deposit showing in the front your name, expiry date and last 4 digits of the number, in the back, please cover the CVV code, please leave the signature panel available for check (it must be signed).

    4. Declaration of Deposit (only for debit/credit card deposits): Please click here to open the file, once it opens in a new window, please print it, fill it by hand only scan it and send it back to us. If you have any problems visualizing this document, please send us an email and we will send it as an attachment.

    Once you have produced all this copies, please send them to ******. If you do not have a scanner, you can take clear pictures of the documents.

    Next day of sending them I got $11.000.

    @Horace Even No1Options does not have 60 seconds trading period but I have won almost all trades. Now I fully believe that this is not a coincidence.
    My stats are even better than Binary Boom testimonials video LOL

    Everyone should at least try this once.

    *** VERY IMPORTANT – Get latest version here:

      1. Awesome, and that is in about 1 month? I can’t see the date on your original post. But sine the first comment is March 31st I assume it is somewhere around a month. Can the software be used on a demo account? I am assuming not.

  26. So,Daniel. What would be the reason for my losses at Interactive Options. Does BB work with some brokers and not with some? Seems that way to me. My account of $250.00 is down to $117.50 with only one win.

  27. @Horace whats your Internet Connection speed? Just asking? You must trade immediately after getting the signal.

    I am making a screenshot of my account now. You will be surprised 🙂

  28. Hi Daniel . I need answers on binary boom . Do I need to trade or is there a automated option ? I’m very unsure about binary because of lots and lots of BS that has been sold out there . Is this like thousanddollardays ? I hope not . That is a lot of crap . Do not want to lose money again ,

  29. Daniel, my connection speed is very good !REAL FAST. I am just not trading immediately after getting the signal. Sometimes the signal/boom would have began a few minutes ago. Do I have to adjust the time settings with my broker …say 60 secs. 90 secs. etc? Have you tried the Pro Version and is it automatic. I thought the basic version was auto. I found out it is not.

    1. Hi Horace,
      I have two questions:
      1) Do I need to register to only banc de binary or Big option to try the signals or I can use other brokers as per my choice?
      2) Is the signals copied manually or it’s automatic?
      This is my email address: **Replaced** for any body to share information and experience for our best benefit..

  30. Hi Horace,

    I have two questions:

    1) Do I need to register to only banc de binary or Big option to try the signals or I can use other brokers as per my choice?

    2) Is the signals copied manually or it’s automatic?

    This is my email address: **** for any body to share information and experience for our best benefit..


  31. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for replying…
    During the installation process of the software, it asks me to register with the recommended brokers to go ahead with the next step..
    It asks either banc de binary or big option..

    Thanks to advise..


  32. Dear all, after try the software and their web version (Binary Boom) i found the 60 seconds trades are useless you need to place the 15 min trades following with the short term signals i won almost 80% of trades doing so, and one more thing their PRO version is still not working well last time i ask the administration that how much money i need to fund in order to get the auto trade for 60 sec they cant replied me well. Dont go for any Pro options its loosing the money, manually follow the signals and i verified the signals with M4 then when you sure you will be 80 to 85% ITM. Thats the only way. dont copy their all signals blindly when you do so you will be end with losses only.

  33. Hi Daniel,
    I have gone through the binboom page for download and after downloaded, the software just can”t install on my window 7 version. even when i succeeded with the installation, it just cant open. please help me to take the right step to install this binboom stuff. another question i have is this (can i deposit or choose any binary broker of my choice apart from the once listed there? thanks.

  34. I have invested in options before and I was sincerely thinking to try again.
    You know what gave me second thoughts. Your insistence and your results.

  35. Daniel:

    I watched the video with ‘insider john’. Was John talking about Binary Boom, Binary Boom Pro or something else. I got the impression it was something else. However, I went to the download page and Denis Arker was speaking. Could you please confirm if John and Denis are both talking about Binary Boom, Binary Boom Pro. If not, how it is possible to download the program “John” is talking about? Thank you.

  36. Daniel, This all sounds well and good on the outside. BUT… after reading through all of the reviews and comments, there are MANY unanswered questions. Does it only work with exclusive brokers? If so, put them out to be reviewed, vetted and verified. What is the policy for withdrawal? What good is a continually growing account, if you cannot withdrawal as you choose, without excessive obstacles? I am not providing copies of utility bills. Honestly, my utilities is non of their business. If they expect me to trust them enough to give my money. They they can provide access to my funds as I choose. And to be honest, I am very skeptical of brokers that do not have accountability regulation. I am skeptical of ANY broker that will not allow me to withdraw MY funds as I choose…period. If there is any shadiness, forget it. There appears to be a lot of talk about results, but no way to verify those results. What is up with that? And what about the claims of the software having malware built into it. You call it Network Virtual Bridge… Why is that even part of the download? It sounds pretty nasty to me. Makes me not want to trust any part of this. If you want people to trust, then transparency is required.
    I just read the rock the stock review here: This seems better to me since it is trading stocks. I will give a try.

  37. *I think The “Pro Robot” better than My Cash Bot. First time, I used My Cash Bot. It seems to be very critical & many times give fake signals to me. Then I got the information about Pro Robot from my friend. After knowing the service of Pro Robot, I analyzed and deposited to the broker. Now Pro Robot gives me a much better profit than My Cash Bot across my desire. The My Cash Bot give me 10%-15% profit beside Pro Robot gives me 45%-70% profit till now. Now a days, in only 3 days my profit is 1365+. Pro Robot has a great customer support also. You can check it by visiting Pro Robot official site

  38. Hi Daniel,
    You are trading with No1options, it hasn’t got 15m trades, how do you do it with 60s from Binary boom, do you take the 60s signal and trade 15m, thank you!

  39. Daniel, are you using the Pro version? Do you have a link to download the Pro version? (with options on stocks, etc.)

  40. so you are basically trading the 12 currency pairs?

    BTW: after I open the software, each time this “Welcome” message pops up, I press start and after a few clicks it keeps “hanging” (there is no button for “next” anymore on the fourth message).

    How would I be able to overcome this?

  41. Hi! I have been wanted to try something like this but don’t want to start with a lot of money upfront. What is the lowest amount you have to deposit to start?

  42. Daniel, can you give me a step by step instructions on how you go about trading on a typical day? Have you withdrawn more since the $111?

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