2016 The Financial Year Ahead

The US equity surge has seen many difficulties in finance in the last years. The equity surge is in its seventh year and will supposedly last a good impression on its financial aspect. Last year marked a slowdown in the finance related stream. According to the latest survey, US will hit a financial high in the coming financial year. Certain sections of the financial markets are holding debates regarding the upcoming financial year 2016, and the key aspects revolving around it.

2016 financeThe financial high in the coming year will leave its impact on the interest rates of several Federal banks, US interest rates are expected to rise by 3.5 pc by the end of 2016.Thought the employment rate had dropped down since the financial crash which happened during Great recession in 2008, people still believe that the fiscal year 2016 will uplift the financial market to a great extent .December month is considered to be a month of great financial crisis. Investors tend to invest their money in diversified gains  from April to November as it has been seen in the recent years that US stock market has its own seasons too. According to the census, December marks the end of the year and people refrain from investing their money in this month as they think they will not get the returns back. Investors are excited to know more about the coming year 2016, what kind of investments they can carry out and its impact on their finances. There are certain key questions regarding finances, which investors are looking out for the year 2016. The investor wants to know

  1. Was the year 2015 a risky year for financial investment?
  2. What will 2016 will be like as far as finances are concerned? Should people look at it as a new beginning for their finances?
  3. Will investing in stock market, shares good for finance for 2016?

As per a recent data, 2015 was believed to be a crash down financial year due to the massive government debt and money printing which had been going around since 2009. 2016 however is expected to rise to greater extent and this will lead to many booming years to come. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (DJI), which provides information regarding finance in all aspect, plays an important role in keeping people updated of financial news in and out. According to the recent data, Dow Jones Industrial Average fell down by 300 points, which was a huge setback for the financial market. By going through this criterion, one can easily conclude that 2015 was indeed a risky year for financial investments.

People are expected to invest at a larger rate in the year 2016. According to experts, people should invest their money in two ways the first is the short-term finance and the other is the long-term finance. In the coming year short term, finance will reach its goal, as many of them are eager to invest money in it. The short-term finance investment ways are the saving accounts, Money market accounts and the CDS. These are reliable and easy to withdraw aspects of finance where you can use them whenever you want. The long-term finance investments are the Mutual funds, Index funds and off course, some of them do end up buying gold and silver for later use. Many of them also invest in real estate as this provides a long-term investment of ones finance, which might be doubled in the coming years.

It is up to each individual to invest their money where they want to, just be sure that the financial market where you are investing is worth enough. Hope that all of you will have a great year ahead financially.

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