Push Connect Notify by Jimmy Kim

Push Connect Notify Review: Is It Worth It? There’s a new product being released by Jimmy Kim that is called Push Connect Notify that will pioneer the way we market with Push Notifications. I can probably tell you have a Smartphone right? Well, forgive me if I’m wrong but everyone has one these days, and you probably know about those app push notifications you get on it, when an app notifies you of something going on, like an event, sale,… Read morePush Connect Notify by Jimmy Kim

The Virtual CEO Lifestyle by Eben Pagan

The Virtual CEO Lifestyle

The Virtual CEO Lifestyle Review by Eben Pagan – New Program to Rule them All! Eben Pagan, the Digital Marketing professional that create a million dollar business from his bedroom with only one computer is going to create a flagship program to rule them all. Pagan claims this program of his is going to represent him professionally and that he is focusing on getting the most value for his subscribers and followers in it, wanting to help people follow the… Read moreThe Virtual CEO Lifestyle by Eben Pagan