About Me

Daniel Green: About Me!

Hello! My name is Daniel Green and I’m a 24 year old living down the South West of England.

The Internet is a magical place and I really love it and consider it to be my very own playground – and it wasn’t a big surprise when I turned towards this virtual world in the hopes to get some money out of it and escape the grind most people unwillingly engage day after day after day.

I made this blog right here to make sure others see that living from the web is not only possible but also quite easy – if you have the right knowledge and mindset.

If this scared you, then don’t be scared because the only thing you need to make money online is the sheer will to do it and the willpower to stay motivated no matter what happens – you don’t need to be a programming genius and you don’t need to be a webdesigner, what you need to be is willing to succeed!

You must want it with all of your force!


I used to work as a plumber (yeah, I know, not the cleanest of the jobs) and I really enjoyed Internet Marketing, but I was making peanuts!

I hated being a plumber, but you know that as nobody wants this kind of profession it really tends to pay well, so I did it for the cash! Getting up at 5:30 am every single morning to grind on other people’s pipelines!

I didn’t want to be that man forever, so I decided it was time to do or die!


I quit my job and started doing some really bold moves, but they paid off and I started making close to the equivalent of $10.000 per month, which is not amazing as far as Internet Marketing is concerned, but I was really feeling like a million dollars!

Now, I make much more than that, but I’m not showing off or bragging, I’m telling you that it is possible, so you shouldn’t lose your will or your wits and just give up – no, don’t give up as that is a 100% ticket to failure.

I want to inspire you and to teach you to do exactly the same as I did.

How did I do it:

Internet Marketing was an interest and a passion, so I was enrolled in the biggest Internet Marketing forums online and spent a couple of years just reading, post after post after post – watching others in the hopes of mimicking their success.


I found out that residual commissions are the way to go, because no matter how long it takes you to build something, each thing you build adds up to the others you previously made, and in turn they all generate profits for the cake.

Getting a sale is all well and fine, but getting a sale over and over again is really something a degree higher!

But I’m getting ahead of myself here, I truly want to help you succeed and this is why I created this blog – I don’t bank hard from this blog, I bank hard from mailing and other projects involving sales funnels that are proven to work, I did this blog for you!

My motto is “taking action” as that’s where people usually stop and run away scared like little kids – don’t be that kid.