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Anik Singal: Who is he?

His name is Anik, he is 24 years old and started his website only for one reason: so that his visitors might become familiar with the work he does. Anik Singal is an entrepreneur founded a successful company while still an undergraduate. His company, Affiliate Classroom, offered online marketing training courses to individuals and companies. Founded in 2005, and it was earning $1.5 million inannual revenues by 2007, having quickly expanded beyond the United States. Singal and his family had no prior experience in business. The future tycoon originally enrolled in college as a pre-med student, only changing his major once he realized he could make more money online. Changing majors initially looked like a risky decision, engendering criticism from his family, but Singal’s rapid rise to success quickly demonstrated that he was meant to be a businessman. But let’s first talk about his story:

In the last years of college Anik started a business while studying and since then managed to make it grow, reaching millions of dollars in a way exponentially on the Internet.

His website ( it’s not a formula on how to build a business or how to earn lots of money, but about how you can improve your life, that is, about various ways you can look for a better life. This includes clear tips on how to stop drinking soda for promotions in their work and balance greater things. After all, if you focus on little things, big things and good can arise.

The difference was in the word “fight”. Success in this world just happens to anyone who is a true fighter. Why? Because they are persistent, they refuse to give up, they can fail many times, but always come back up, they have a positive attitude and never give up. Out other features that not worth mentioning.

So they are qualities that Anik Singal has, and you want to always build itself.

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Anik Singal

How did website has emerged?

It was about six years Anik was sitting in his friend’s dorm room in his college, when he was a freshman, and having pain in relation to Crohn’s disease, a disease he has, was to laugh, to smile and making jokes while studying for a test that would be the next morning, when his colleagues to see him in pain, they insisted he go to sleep, or try to rest and take a few remedies. Anik friends advised him to give up to go take the exam and get an extension to be able to go home and see his doctor. However, for Anik, this was his routine, not passed anything beyond the usual, and he was already used to it, and would not give up because of a pain that would be required to change all your plans just because of that.

In continuation of its history, Anik insisted he was fine, because when you have one of those disease, any sign of strange Anik knew when he would appear or what to do, and continue to make their jokes and continued to study. Then one of his friends asked him the following question, which led to the origin of his website:

” How do you do this? How do you go through everything you’re going through and still keep a smile on your face and keep moving forward? ”

Fighter Spirit

Something that has not been revealed is that Anik had missed a semester of college and that was subject to a series of surgeries, so they all knew that he was not in the best condition, there are to insist he stop studying and go rest. Having made the point, he went unanswered, but still thought “You know what? My life really is not worth anything, but why the hell does not bother me anymore?”. Then it happened a reply to him: “Because I’m just a fighter.”

This response during the following years, was what led him to know better yourself. He learned that what was thought to be “stubborn” or even “arrogance” was not really anything like that, but the word “fighter” who never did give up anything.

A few months after the conversation with his friends, Anik was presented to Internet marketing and that’s when he thought of the chance to launch their own website. To this end he decided to join a few people who were struggling so that it could unite and help each other to be fighters. For this, he thought on “” and was to be the most captivating possible that he started to love the name he gave to his own website because the more said the name, the more you realize that he had to fight.

This was the 2nd domain that he had bought for him, and now has more than 600. It was with great pride that it has launched its website.

The purpose of the Website

According to Anik, he at the time was not 100% sure what was the intention of the website, the only certainty that he had was that brought people all to help you build a website and others still come also to help. What he meant at that time was to share their experiences and launch a social community that would allow help others and those others help themselves among them.

With his website he planned to create fun competitions that were intended to help each other and grow as fast as possible, but his main goal was thought to the change of mentalities, create a goal and fight for it with all his might, among other stuff. Anik also said “Stop and give up is a thing of the past.”

Among the battles that had Anik, to reach all their success, the first soon began when he was 12 and started to get sick. Stomach pain, He was unable to eat and was so badly that he had to leave school and take classes at home. It got progressively worse to the point of being a major concern for everyone.

For two months he was to spend the time to go to medical centers to test and further tests, and that included nuclear medicine.

After a series of tests that had left him exhausted, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. But what is Crohn’s disease? The Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease which can manifest itself in any part of the digestive tract (from the oral cavity to the anus) being more common in the end of the small intestine (ileum) and the large intestine (colon). Its cause is still unclear. It is not a contagious disease and can affect both adults and children, with no predominance of sex. It is chronic and there is no cure described. It can manifest throughout life with recurrent acute attacks, as well

as long periods of calm and absence of symptoms, called remission. The drug and / or surgical treatment can positively influence the control of the disease, allowing long periods without symptoms.

Then Crohn made him think that the fight itself had been difficult, but would still be more. There were years in which Cronh left him alone, but there were others that left him completely devastated and nearly killed him. It is known that until now had 9 surgeries in just the past seven years, including one that saved his life was over 7 hours.

2 years ago, Crohn haywire if it and the young man eventually lost so much blood that passed. Had six weeks in hospital after recovering reached a point where we almost had to learn to walk again, it was enough to get up the bed that your heart rate reached dangerous levels.

Anyway, after all operations, after all this time the disease Crohn hit, after all, one thing has always persisted: Strength, determination and fighting spirit. He refused to give up. The very Anik reports that a nurse came to praise his fighting spirit by saying that in the last five years had never seen anyone like that.

Anik Singal Achievements:

Back to other achievements Anik made, another of the most important it was to have started a business in your dorm room, which today is nothing less than a multimillion-dollar business internationally! He was told repeatedly that he could not, he could not, so he quit. Again he did not give up, moved on and achieved all its objectives. Anik has no business men in his family, soon had to be him to do everything from the beginning. But three years after he started his business he reached the rate of 100% growth per year, and people working for him all over the world and thousands of customers who were interested in their business.

All he wants and likes to do, is to show people that this is not about some kind of value too, and devalue others. None of this, all this is an experience transfer, mentalities transfer and spirit transfer. The great battles with what he had in mind, spirit and attitude. And that’s what should wake you, according to him.

At their website you can change your life in just 30 days, and can use the whole community to support you. Remember that only you can control your life, and if you are sitting waiting for things appear to you, doing nothing more he needed to tell you? Whether it, whether others, only you will say that you just will not get anything in life. It comes down to fighting spirit and sacrifice.


At this time Anik is well known in circles in internet marketing as one of the leading pioneers in the field. It aims to help people to earn their first dollar, offering training. Thus, he is able to help people create their own websites affiliate marketing as well as help the internet marketing itself to evolve and expand. Their courses have been very successful and have formed very important marketers who have been successful in most online ventures. All he puts into practice, backs up, otherwise it was not called online guru.

All courses it offers are quite nice and rights, saying the pros and cons and alerting people to what they have to do, is fundamental the fighter spirit.

All the information he presents is simple and honest. Unlike most other products that are sold online nowadays, you will be able to receive answers to their questions and also take advantage of their excellent customer support. Anik the capacity to provide substantial information and high quality has contributed significantly to its success and popularity. He’s always coming up with new ideas and products, so your business continues to grow year after year.

Anik has helped many people succeed with their internet business, including both traders and established newcomers. As long as you are willing to put in time and effort, their training programs can be used to help you become a successful internet marketer.

We must not forget that all this was done with great effort and with great sacrifice. It must take into account that if between for one of its programs or to one of their training, have to go with the mindset that is to make to the end and is to follow all Anik advice. If not, then not even worth trying, because mentalities that give up easily are never welcome.

At this time Anik has trained more than 250,000 students from around the world, and many of them have become millionaires and business leaders in their fields. He has built four schools alone and plans to build more than 100 in Mumbai and in India alone, following his model. And apparently, it will not stop here.


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