Push Connect Notify by Jimmy Kim

Push Connect Notify Review: Is It Worth It? There’s a new product being released by Jimmy Kim that is called Push Connect Notify that will pioneer the way we market with Push Notifications. I can probably tell you have a Smartphone right? Well, forgive me if I’m wrong but everyone has one these days, and you probably know about those app push notifications you get on it, when an app notifies you of something going on, like an event, sale,… Read morePush Connect Notify by Jimmy Kim

How do Website Push Notifications Work?

A Guide to Push Notification Marketing! By now, and if you have read our other article on push notifications, you know that these notifications are tools that have a lot of Marketing potential, and as such they should be understood by anyone on the world of business. The way they work is pretty similar to how app push notifications work, but they work on your browsers instead of on your mobile system, so they happen when you are browsing –… Read moreHow do Website Push Notifications Work?

How to Optimize Website Push Notifications

How to Optimize Push Notifications: How do They Look and Work? Push notifications are a new feature for some browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that work to notify users of something going on in the web, or to alert them of something they asked to be alerted for, and as such it is important to keep them optimized if you’re using them as a marketing tool, simply because that’s the best way to get conversions and sales from… Read moreHow to Optimize Website Push Notifications

Halbertology Review

There’s a new program that isn’t just another product out there, and simply because it is a program that is guaranteed to succeed from day one. We aren’t talking about one of those hype filled products with words such as “loophole” and the likes – we are talking about a 100% rock solid for a serious audience only.