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Jimmy Kim, the Internet Marketer everyone talks about, just recently announced the new product he is going to launch which is named “Build My List”, and throughout this small look on the product and over this Build My List Review we’re going to go over just what is this product all about and what does Jimmy Kim have in stock for us this time.


Well, those of you who know who Kim is also know that he is one of the most successful Internet Marketers there is, and that the core of his power comes from his huge e-mail list he uses to bomb with product offers and etc… netting him some amazing numbers.

Building an e-mail list is very difficult, but there are a lot of ways you can make the process run in a smoother way and with less pain involved –and this is what the Build My List program is all about.

Throughout this program you will get a lot of learning resources, tools, insider info, as well as some pretty amazing secret techniques from this marketing guru.

You’ll be shown some loopholes you can explore and the developer will take you by the hand, step by step, so you can build an high converting list of fans and followers that will throw money at your feet each time you promote something.


If you want to build an e-mail list so that you can promote products to it, or even just to market yourself or your brand, then this is certainly the product for you, so please bookmark this page as we’ll review the package as soon as it comes out, or maybe even a bit earlier since we already asked for a review copy in order to review it in full for you guys!



Now lets get to full product details.

Build my List - Member Area
This is a Build my List members area screenshot. This is what you will get when logging in for the first time. Link to full size.


From the right side you can see all Build my List modules. I am writing them here with detailed information on what they are:

  • Step #1: List Secrets
  • Step #2: The Profit Machine
  • Step #3: Max Commissions
  • Step #4: Business Wizard
  • Step #5: Instant Traffic Triggers
  • Copy & Paste Profits
  • Bonus- The $25k a Month Case Study
  • BML Elite
  • Bonuses
  • FAQ
  • Support

I will update this Build my List Review in the next hours. Stay tuned here.

** Edit

I just posted a full review of Build my List of Jimmy Kim. After getting full access to the members area it was better to write a detailed and full review.

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