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We just had the amazing opportunity of getting a review copy account to really show you how things work with the amazing Build My List program from Jimmy Kim which has been generating an insane amount of buzz.

We are going to review it in full, letting you know exactly what you’ll get if you invest in this rock-solid program that really breaks E-Mail Marketing down for you and spoon feeds you on the most efficient List Building techniques up to date.

 Build My List Preview 1: The Member’s Page!

Build My List Preview 1: The Member’s Page!


So, this is Jimmy Kim’s product’s welcoming page and the first thing you’ll see when you access the product.

You can see from the start and on the left menu bar all of the value the program includes, but this is just the tip of the iceberg since those pages are only chapters of much bigger hubs that include amazing techniques and hidden treats like free offers or some tools you will need to make the most out of your list-building campaigns, e-mail marketing swipes, or Internet Marketing business.

The program instantly greets you with a video, telling you what you’re going to get, how to get it, how to go about using the product and generally just friendly welcoming you to the exciting program Buildmylist is.

If you have been wondering just how that membership area look like, then wonder no further and just look at the image displayed above.


Build My List Preview 2: Hidden Treats!


If you access the second chapter – The Profit Machine – you will instantly see what we mean by hidden treats.

The program knows that since you made an investment in getting it you will want to make some money ASAP, and for that it doesn’t make you spend another dime, while giving you mostly everything you need for free allowing you to bank first and invest later.

On the Profit Machine page you’ll see that there are three whole months of the powerful Sendlane tool pack included – and that packs both the Autoresponder AND the Optin Page Builder!

3 Months is more than enough to pay for your invest and then some, so you are really looking at a free ride here.

The program has a lot more hidden treats for you to find, and we won’t spoil the surprise as everyone likes that awesome feeling of being surprised with FREE stuff!


Build My List Preview 3: Video Resources and Tools


Jimmy Kim is really committed to deliver on what he promised and in getting some money in his fans’ pockets, and that’s why he packed every single chapter with an amount of video resources to die for.

Each chapter, we use the chapter “Max Commissions” in this photo, has its own list of videos you can see for an easy learning experience that also feels personal and as one-on-one as they come.

Each section also has a FAQ area where most of the questions people make over and over again are answered in detail, and that’s a big plus.


Build My List Elite Group: Bonus Sauce!


This is where things get even more interesting.

In the Elite section you also get a 1-on-1 hotline directly to Jimmy Kim himself, and that means you are going to be sending and receiving e-mails to and from him, which gets you a huge advantage over your competition.

How many people can claim they are in constant contact with a millionaire that is there to clear all of his doubts? Not many!

You also get a lot of cool other bonuses that will further maximize the benefits you are going to reap from this program, so bear this in mind and keep visiting this section often and making advantage of the communication channels with Big Kim himself!


More to be added soon! New Categories, New Resources!


Finally, we really have to mention one last thing, and that is the fact that the program is ever-growing and more resources, videos and sections are constantly being added.

We can only review them as they come out, and so you shouldn’t think this is a stale product or something that is already done having the developer moving on – no! This is work in progress and we are going to be on it every step of the way, making sure you get your reviews and take informed decisions rather than reckless investments.

We take the chances so you don’t have to – but right now we can say there is absolutely no risk at all here since this program surpassed our every expectation of it!


We hope you found this Build My List Review useful, but don’t forget to keep checking back every once in a while.

This is one of the best investments you can make if you are serious in becoming an internet marketing millionaire, since you are investing into your education rather than a bogus program that promises you the impossible.


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  1. I read the review and just downloaded Build my List eBook giveaway. When can I buy the product? When It will be available to the public?
    Thank you

  2. Hello Daniel!

    I was looking for a review just as this one, mostly they just promote the product and give nothing away, so thanks for the screenshots and for looking out for us!

    Would love to see more of this down the line.

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