How to Optimize Website Push Notifications

How to Optimize Push Notifications: How do They Look and Work?

Push notifications are a new feature for some browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that work to notify users of something going on in the web, or to alert them of something they asked to be alerted for, and as such it is important to keep them optimized if you’re using them as a marketing tool, simply because that’s the best way to get conversions and sales from the subscribers.

Throughout this article we will go over some basic knowledge about Push Notifications, so if you’re looking to find out about push notifications and their marketing potential, then look no further than to this blog post.


How to Write for Push Notifications:

Push Notifications are small by nature, and that’s not an option either as they are this way by design – that’s why you are going to need to optimize them content-wise so you can respect the character limits while still passing the right message.

You need to pack a punch in a small package, and copywriting in a way that you keep in mind that CTR or Click Through Ratio is the most important variable is the best option – after all, if the users don’t click your notification, you failed.

One sure way to achieve a stellar CTR number is making sure that the users will find that push notification valuable, so always provide value.


Copywriting Tips for Push Notifications: Think Outside the Box!

The first tip we can give you is to always think outside the box, meaning that even though we will give you a lot of ways to increase your marketing potential with this new feature, you should test and develop your own ways with time.

The second tip is that you should always be clear in your wordings, as people have a really low attention span and you need to make the message extremely action oriented (having a clear call to action).

Another tip is to make sure your push notification doesn’t pass the recommended character space of between 120 and 40 letters / spaces, because most browsers limit around those numbers.

Keep on having in mind that you should always focus on the value for the user, as he will instantly detect if you’re being selfish or just wanting him to do something for you – make it about him and provide value, that’s the only way you’ll achieve meaningful results.


Another powerful tip is to make sure scarcity is included in the mix, as we really are wired to be intimidated by potential loss, even more than excited about potential gain – so we marketers can use this information for our advantage, which is great!

An example is talking about a deal that will expire soon, or a webinar or seminar that has a limited number of entries, capitalizing on the variable known to marketers as FOMO, or simply put, the Fear of Missing Out.

If you are going to have a sale in your business, then make it a limited time sale (it’s going to be anyway, you just don’t think about it that way) and make sure that you say that on your push notification, something along the way of “24 Hot Hours” or “Flash 24Hr Sale!”

You see, we used scarcity to make the push notification seem more appealing than simply saying “Big Sale Today”.

On the other hand, there’s another element that is widely used in sales copy that you can also put to work for you as far as push notifications are concerned, which is a variable known as “social proof”.

Social proof has proven to have a big weight on increasing the CTR of push notifications, and the way you can take advantage of this is by posting something along the way of “300 experts have just signed-up for this webinar”.

With this small sentence you proved that you are the real deal, as you already have a big following, but bear in mind that nowadays with the Internet it is easy to access information, so always be ready to back your claims, and don’t exaggerate too much – something some companies do when they get too excited.


Push Notifications: When to Send Them?

Users are needed to answer instantly to push notifications, and that’s what makes timing so direly important, because if you don’t take time zones into account, you may end up sending a push notification when your target market is sleeping, which is a destructive mistake for your campaign.

Make sure you send the notification in a time when most of your target user base is online, or at least awake, so you don’t end up wasting your marketing resources to be forgotten due to time differences.

Finally, something to consider is the fact that in the afternoon, most people are working and bored while checking their browsers, so for light-hearted stuff that is a good time to send your push notification at, but if you want something more serious to be addressed, aim at the night when the users have more time and peace of mind.

Timing is crucial.

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