E-Mail Marketing Tips: Increase your Open Rate!

E-mail marketing is one of the highest ROI (Return on Investment) campaigns you can launch, thanks to the fact that, as you know, “the money is in the list”.

Bearing this in mind, we don’t have to discuss how important variables like conversions, opens, soft bounces, hard bounces and even EPCs (Earnings Per Click) are.

Throughout this article we will be focusing on ways to increase your open rate if you’re into e-mail marketing – so read along.


Think about your subject line: Would YOU open it?

One of the capital mistakes marketers and business owners make when it comes to their campaigns is not giving enough thought about their subject line.

The subject line has to be smart and sweet, and one of the major hooks in your campaign has to be exposed here – or, if you choose to omit it, optimize it for curiosity.

One of the best things you can do is to ask yourself: Would I open it?


Failure to Segment your List: Keep it Targeted!

Another thing that can dramatically lower your open rate is the quality of your list. If your list is general and not segmented at all, then the open rates are going to suffer.

Just imagine a doctor receiving an alternative medicine product that has one of those selling pitches “What doctors don’t want you to see”.

That’s a turn-off right there, and if he opens the e-mail at all it will only be to slam you or publish a bad review of it somewhere online.


Spamming isn’t right: Lazy List Management isn’t Either!

Another thing that will decrease your open rates substantially is lazy list management.

This happens when you feel like you don’t want to bother managing your lists, merging them all, just duplicating campaigns over and over again or just copy-pasting someone else’s swipes.

This is bad practice and can harm you a lot, including getting you blacklisted, so bear this in mind before you take the easy way out.

We hope you liked our article and that you will be coming back for more e-mail marketing tips and some Internet Marketing walkthroughs.

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