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The SIMPLE Learn Build Earn Review that REVEALS YOU the entire member’s area BEFORE the product is purchased by you.

Hey People, thanks for stopping by to take a look at my Learn Build Earn Review, another fantastic program by Mark Ling.

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WHAT’S Learn Build Earn All About?

(I got it, so I Can show you!)

learn build earn review


I DID get complete Access to Learn Build Earn as you can see by the screen shot above, and I have to admit I’m impressed!

Learn Build Earn In A Few Paragraphs:

Fundamentally, Learn Build Earn by Mark Ling is an all-in-one Affiliate Marketing Training Program for anybody to learn from scratch the way to make a profitable income on the net by making and selling their info products.

It starts from a newbie degree and can help you find profitable niches and covers quite a few matters throughout the program including things such as offers, upsells, sales copywriting, building your website, how to build a high value offer your customers LOVE, traffic, and much much more!

Learn Build Earn is PERFECT for newbies. This system consists of 14 modules and is ideal for anybody wanting to get started and make a “day-job ceasing level of income online”. To be honest with you – there’s enough training and community support in the plan to take a brand new affiliate to a millionaire status and beyond.

Bonus Materials: Members will ALSO get access to a lot of added bonuses and like an authentic live ‘copy-writing and conversions’ event, filmed in Canada. Members also get to use high-value private label resources that they can use as additional bonuses or up-sells for more and their present offers.

A look inside the course itself:

Learn Build Earn review, Module 1

The 6 Step Master Plan to Creating A Rewarding Business FAST In Weird Little Secret Niches


Gain ALL these Niche Profit Secrets in this limited-time FREE Book…

  • Discover How A Novice Student Went From ZERO To Raking In $4K a DAY Using This 6-Step Master Plan
  • Learn the LAST Traffic Strategy You’ll Ever Need — 9,000+ People Visit These “Dumb & Ugly” Sites EVERY DAY
  • How To Find The Top 1% Profit Niches That Enable You To BLOCK OUT 99% of Your Competition


Just to let you know, the course consists of both video training, PDF downloads (to read) as well as HOMEWORK to help get you into the flow of things quickly! Each Module (for the most part) contains multiple videos, each one being on average 20-30 minutes long.

  • Module 1

In Module 1, You’ll learn the basics of building a profitable funnel for your email list or product. You’ll learn all about finding a profitable niche, how to be influential to your followers even if you’re new, and even get some homework to make sure you’re paying attention. You’ll also learn about Mark’s ‘8 Laws of Influence’ which I found to be quite intriguing.

  • Module 2

Module 2 kicks off with the 2nd half of the 8 laws of influence, then immediately goes into Marks #1 Secret for writing so that people LISTEN to what you’re talking about. This module finishes with Mark’s 6 Keys to Creating a Product That Sells.

  • Module 3

Module 3 is all about the “3 Doors” theory of success. Pay attention to this one, it’s life changing.

  • Module 4

This module covers how to create The Beginning Section Of Your Sales Page as well as “Mini Mechanisms” which if you’re not already familiar with you’ll be glad once you are!

  • Module 5

Module 5 is something I’m already using every day. It covers how to DELIVER on what you promise & how to create AMAZING bonuses to entice people to buy a product from you instead of your competition. (See my Bonus info at the bottom of this review).

  • Module 6

Module 6 is simple, but should be not overlooked. It goes into getting Graphics Created For Your Product for pennies on the dollar.

  • Module 7

This module is short but powerful, and goes into The Story Component Of Your Sales Copy.

  • Module 8

In this module you’ll learn from Daniel Toh all about email marketing, and some amazing tips on 1st person vs 3rd person writing.

  • Module 9

This module is another large one, and features an amazing guest speaker/teacher you don’t want to miss. You’ll learn all about setting up your website with wordpress – pretty much everything you could ever want to know about that. Even if you’ve set up wordpress before, pay attention as Jason & Mark share some amazing gems in this one!

  • Module 10

This module is a rather large one, and features an amazing guest speaker you don’t want to miss. She goes into the differences between quality content vs boring filler content, how to outsource your day to day tasks and

more. You’ve also got a rather large homework assignment for this one, so pay attention.

  • Module 11

I like to say ‘stuff gets real’ here – you’ll learn about building our your members area, your affiliate area and how to improve the ‘readability’ of your product.

  • Module 12

In this module, you’ll get an introduction to FaceBook traffic and how you can send massive ammounts of it for cheap to your website or funnels. You’ll also learn that there is MORE to just “the money being in the list” – you’ll learn how to build a solid relationship with your email list & even promote offers to them that get you paid every single month!

  • Module 13

The incredible 2 phase ‘Ted’ model for driving FLOODS of traffic to your website from YouTube. This is NOT just about ranking your videos highly, nor do you need to star in ANY videos yourself. It’s something that has NEVER been shared by anyone before and you’ll be gobsmacked at how powerful and profitable this is when you start using this little known model. There are also 2 bonus trainings on how to write sales letter headlines that convert like crazy, AND some Sales Copy Critique you will learn a ton from!

  • Module 14

This module goes into what Mark calls the ‘hurricane method’ – I’m not going to go into details on that now because that would ruin the fun, but it’s something well worth listening to. You’ll also gain some VERY important tips on how to get affiliates on board to promote your product!

  • More to Come

MORE Modules & training will be added after each Live Members Webinar!

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My Learn Build Earn Review

To be completely fair, I’ve reviewed a couple of courses like this before, so I understand what to expect.

While I do make Millions per year – I do earn 5 or 6 figures each month I’m a reasonably successful online marketer.

Having said that; Mark’s class genuinely humbled me, and I can’t locate more honest words to say than those about it.

Mark Ling is a guy that practices what he preaches. When he shows you something – it’s something that he does successfully – he had success with personally so he’s not rehashing content.

For Example:

I executed ONE little thing that Mark suggested with regards to subject lines I use within my emails and saw my open rates go UP by 17%. I’ve educated email marketing to thousands of students over webinars & in person events, so again – it’s something I know a little around.

Mark makes more money DOING these things than teaching them.

I don’t have any alternative but to give an extremely solid two thumbs up to this course. If you’re about making a livelihood on your own online – serious, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned expert – I promise you WILL learn a great deal from Learn Build Earn when you pick up the course.

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