An Overview on MOBE – Part II

Continuing to explore MOBE and its teaching system, we have to talk about how it all goes.

The digital economy and the internet marketing world are the future, and there are a lot of people who know this. However, most people are still stuck in the offline world and this makes it so that good education programs are very rare.

This is why a lot of industry leaders have begun to gather at MOBE to present their own education system and make it available to the marketers who are serious about getting trained by people who know what they are doing.

We were going to write about MOBE’s spin off program with John Chow today, but we thought about it and we think you should know more about the main program first since the last post hasn’t even scratched the surface of this valuable learning resource.


MOBE and Matt Lloyd: It’s legit from the start

Let’s face it, the online world is littered with gimmicky products and rehashed information. We know it and Matt Lloyd knows it.

These have one thing in common, they are presented in exciting ways and sold as being the best thing since sliced bread – most are “young products” who promise to revolutionize the industry.

Well, MOBE isn’t like that. MOBE is well established and has been in business since 2011. Matt Lloyd is also a real person, and you can track his Internet dealings since 2008.

The institution is structured in a way that it could be referred to as the ultimate digital marketing University, and Lloyd doesn’t hide that all of the courses, products and secrets come with a price.

Make no mistake, this isn’t charity and you’ll need to invest a hefty sum, but in turn you get one of the only products out there that really delivers.

Matt Lloyd’s money comes from repeat buyers though, MOBE has products and courses in virtually every niche, and specialists for each one of them, and the biggest revenue from the program comes from people who succeed in one niche thanks to MOBE and then invest in others to make sure they maximize their knowledge while putting their eggs in different baskets.


MOBE Products

MOBE has a lot of courses, tools and even resources to create, automate, and maximize sales funnels. It also helps you drive traffic to them and capitalize on EPC optimization and other stuff.

The coaching part of the product is golden, and it can make or break your campaign.

You see, proper education is something of extreme value, and that’s why this age is called the age of information. By neglecting to get properly educated, marketers are leaving money on the table every single year, but you can’t blame them as you see the Internet Marketing courses offered by offline Universities (one quick Google Search of the teachers in offline Universities shows you they have no background or success in the online world.)

If we had to highlight some of the product’s core functionalities, it would look like this:

  • Phone Sales;
  • Coaching;

We will explain more about these two cores in an upcoming post, but for now know that if you enroll in any of the products, you’ll have weeks worth of info to go through, so you’re expected to commit to the learning programs as you would commit to a serious offline course or academic study.

The difference is that your chances of getting a successful online business running while doing it goes through the roof and is practically guaranteed if you follow the steps suggested by the proven experts who teach the courses.



For this post, we’ll just conclude by telling you that loyalty is key in this community, and this loyalty is only there because people see MOBE works, so they stick to it and multiply their investments once inside.

If education is not your thing and you wish to get your hands on some low hanging fruit you can also promote the product as the compensation plan is extremely attractive with up to 90% in commissions.

Learn more about this affiliate promotion facet in the next post.

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