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Push Connect Notify Review: Is It Worth It?

There’s a new product being released by Jimmy Kim that is called Push Connect Notify that will pioneer the way we market with Push Notifications.

I can probably tell you have a Smartphone right? Well, forgive me if I’m wrong but everyone has one these days, and you probably know about those app push notifications you get on it, when an app notifies you of something going on, like an event, sale, patch, update or simply a warning to come back to your game to collect your crops or something.

Well, now you can have those in mobile but in computers alike since there are desktop push notifications now, which work similarly to an app, except with no platform limits since they work through your browsers.

Browser & Device Push Notifications

Marketers detected the huge potential of these notifications right at the bat, but truth is you almost don’t see them employed… yet.

This is your chance to be the first one to harness that amazing power, as Jimmy Kim developed Push Connect Notify to enable you to do just that in the easiest way possible.


The Developer: Jimmy Kim

Jimmy KimJimmy Kim is a name that is widely known in the world of marketing, but truth is if you’re out of that industry you may not have known about him.

He is a self-made millionaire that developed a handful of tested products that quickly became best-sellers in their niche, and as such is one of the most prestigious web marketers out there.

A quick look at his resumé is enough to convince anybody of his worth, which is quite funny since all of his fortune came from thinking outside the box, not from a fancy education or your average climb of the corporate ladder.

From no one to a millionaire, he proved he knows what he is doing.


The New Feature: Web Push Notifications

This new feature, which is what we’ll harness with this product, is a cool perk in browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that enables you to send personalized and highly targeted notifications – and people will see it even if they have their browsers closed, since they’ll act like an independent pop-up.

So, as long as your receiver is connected to the internet, he’ll get the message – and this is what makes this practice so profitable as far as Return on Investment is concerned.

This is a default Website Push Notification:

Example Push Notifications
Read more about Website Push Notifications


Building an E-Mail List: All You Need

Push Connect Notify also gives you all the tools you need to start building your e-mail list right now, you just need to have an autoresponder and you can use Jimmy Kim’s software to create opt-in pages, thank you pages, and start getting that list growing.

It’s that easy!

Customize Your Push Notifications:

Another thing you can do with this tool is customize the appearance of notification popup so that they are perceived in the way you want customers, leads or simply subscribers to perceive it, which is great. Notification popup example in image below:

notification popup


This way website visitors optin rate is 12 times more than using the default notification popup. (this is from my 2 months experience of using Jimmy Kim’s Push Connect Notify tools)


An Emerging Trend: Still Unknown

Although push notifications are a growing trend in big companies like Facebook, they are still widely unknown, and there aren’t many companies out there using it – especially if you take small companies into account.

Grab this opportunity to be an early adapter and trail blaze this amazing medium with the best tool for it.


Paste A Line of Code in WordPress or Other:

It is pretty easy to setup the forms in your site, and the push notifications as well, you need only to get a simple line of code that will be generated for you and paste it on your site, either on raw code or on any of your pages in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other content management system, which erases the need of having a programmer from your mind.

Even if you’re managing your company alone, you’ll find that this tool is a breeze to use.


Opt-in Forms: Get Subscribers and Members!

The beauty of it is that I initially thought Jimmy Kim’s Push Connect Notify would only be a tool to help you with push notification marketing, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered you can make opt-in forms for your e-mail list as well, which is very cool and definitely useful.


Integrate Your Auto-Responders with Push Connect Notify!

If you already have an autoresponder, don’t worry because it is most certainly compatible with this software.

Software like Sendlane (my preferred ), MailChimp, Aweber etc, as well as countless others are included, and you can seamlessly integrate them in this product.

Push Connect Notify - Add Autoresponders


Send Push Notifications With Ease:

You can send pushletters easily with this software, and I’ve taken a liberty to take a screenshot of the set up for it, so you can see how dead simple the software is.

You title it, write the body, URL, select who exactly will receive it (like the segment), add in exclusions or segments you don’t want to have your message seen by, make the schedule adequate and toggle repeat on and off.

Send Push Notifications
Send Push Notifications with Push Connect Notify Demonstration

So, are you feeling ready to claim your copy of Jimmy Kim’s Push Connect Notify? We certainly hope so because the tool is really rock solid, and it even comes with a 100% refund guarantee so there is no ounce of risk on you, Jimmy Kim takes it all off and allows you to be confident in your investment.

We don’t know for how long the product will be on, or if it will have slots, so grab your copy as soon as you can. (Who knows if the price won’t rise when web push notifications get mainstream).


5 thoughts on “Push Connect Notify by Jimmy Kim

  1. Hello Daniel,

    I was wondering if the users will get the notification when the browser is closed? I mean what if I gave permission to send me push notifications on chrome but for the moment google chrome is not running?

    Will I get the notification?


    1. They will get notifications when opening the browser. For my opinion if computer is turned ON – the browser is open 99% of the time. Why you should turn on computer lol?

    1. Hello there,
      I crossed paths with him once or twice, however Im not going to say we’re best of friends – he barely notices me, but I sure know his background story, and he is truly a great professional worthy of all of my trust.
      Thanks for stopping by

  2. I will try this. Can I use this on multi websites?
    Where is sales page and whats the price of push connect notify?
    May I know please?
    Sorry for making so many questions.

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