Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide – 6 Essentials

seo-bassicsThere are a lot of simple things you can do in order to make sure your site is prepared to tackle its competition as far as search engine optimization is concerned, and by using these tips you’ll be going in the right direction in establishing credibility to the eyes of search engines – just don’t ask us to rank you for the weight loss niche lol.

  • Write Pillar Articles: Great Pieces of Content!

First of all, you should write pillar articles, which are articles that are meant to be the foundation of your site – and you want to give your pages the rock solid foundation they deserve.

This makes it necessary that you really sit down and write smart, informative and ever green articles that are as rich on information and keyword as you can – avoiding all forms of black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing and whatnot.

Make sure to really extend the length of these pillar articles to above 1000 words in the minimum. A pretty good product called Page One Engine which is teaching you almost everything starting with: start businesses around Local Business Ranking, Reputation Management, Affiliate Marketing (selling other peoples stuff), Adsense, List Building, Selling Leads and more!

  • Get trusted links, but avoid link trash!

Now that you have your site sorted out and your content in place, you’re going to need to link to your pages from trusted sources – and trusted is the keyword here since you really need the search engines to see you’re a credible source of information and not a spam-filled one man show just looking to score some bucks.


  • Fill in your image’s attributes to be found:

Now, many newbie marketers and webmasters forget about this small detail, but optimizing your images is also pretty vital as far as SEO is concerned.

Don’t forget that search engines can’t see images and rely on the meta information you provide them with.

Not only that, but scoring those keywords right will grant you extra visibility due to image results.


  • Make sure the internal anchor is diversified!

You should bear in mind that internal linking is also pretty important, so you’ll want to connect several posts or pages to each other.

When you do this, don’t forget you need to keep your anchor text diversified as you need to keep everything looking seamless and organic – natural looking is the way to go.


  • Don’t keep it short, don’t bore them out!

When writing articles, you need to make sure you don’t cut on the word count or the search engines will presume it’s just filler and you have nothing useful to say – on the other hand if you stretch your word count a lot, people may feel intimidated or bored and stop reading.

Keep your visitors hooked with simple content, but don’t keep it short or search engines will frown upon your page.


  • Never duplicate content on your pages:

If you are extremely new then this paragraph is for you – and if you aren’t new then you may skip it altogether as this is a given.

Don’t duplicate content, avoid falling for the temptation of copy-pasting or curating content hoping it will score you some visibility – you’ll get penalized and some dangerous results.

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